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Parent, 2012 - Present

My son participated in the Supreme Athlete Mentoring Program since its inception. I strongly believed in its mission and we were willing to accept the program into our family. I am so thankful that we took the challenge and risk associated with any new start-up. The journey started four years ago. Supreme has offered so much that I am reluctant to list them for fear of missing something. But here goes… Supreme has: Developed a work ethic in my son both on and off the field that shows in his everyday habits. Developed a pipeline straight to his teachers. Fought hard on his behalf for his academic progress. Developed a feeling of high self-esteem that shows so much confidence in all that he does. Created a sense of family with the Supreme staff and other participants – bonds that will last a lifetime. Exposed my son to many college football camps that he would have not participated in without Supreme. Showed him how important Community Service is by having him participate in different missions for those less fortunate. Created a sense of value on earning his own money through the summer youth employment program. Helped mold him into being a role model and assisting with younger participants. Helped us communicate that he is accountable for his future. The list goes on ~ Thank you Supreme! ~ Anonymous

Jeanine Lockhart

Signing my son up for Supreme has been the best decision I made for my son this summer.  As a single mom raising an energetic, easily swayed 9 year old, was beginning to becoming a problem.  Jahsai is a good kid, he decides every now again that he wants to listen to his friends or pick up their behavior to be cool.  I brought this to the attention of the mentors and coaches at Supreme and I see a huge difference in my child's decision making.  Supreme always has an open door policy that I've utilized many of times! Very positive, motivating and encouraging environment to have your child in.  My son not only learns about health & nutrition, he's continuously learning  his role as a young man, routine exercises and respecting himself as well as adults. With that being said, Supreme is a wonderful program that feels like family. Such an amazing program. Thank you so much for everything!!
See you in the fall


Good afternoon, first I would like to thank you and your staff for putting together this camp for our youth. I believe this camp is great for the physical and mental on our children. The nutritional part of the program was my favorite and my daughter's as well. The only thing that I would change is less cursing not all children are brought up hearing that type of language throughout their days so they might get discouraged or intimidated by it.  Other than that I say keep up the great work and see you guys next summer!


Hello, I think you have great ideas when it comes to the camp, I would change how the staff speaks to the youth. I'm not saying that cursing is bad. What I am saying is not every child will grasp to that style of talking. I also think that the younger staff should try and motivate each kid into working out. I only say that because I pulled up at the park and watched the kids jog back to the camp. While observing I saw kids running full speed, jogging and walking. What I didn't see was the staff ( not all staff) encouraging the kids to participate in the jog back. I do think it's really important to get the kids feed back in a group discussion. On a positive note I do see my kid self esteem going up. That was one of my biggest concerns for him, since he is a little over weight; Also I have noticed how he would eat half a sandwich or try to eat less junk at home. He really like the nutrition part of camp.

Tori Garrett

Supreme Athlete has been like an awesome extended family member to us. Stack is always accessible and encouraging. He backs our family up with instilling self respect and accountability in my son. It's been such a blessing to have a trustworthy program that shows examples of integrity and discipline. I appreciate Supreme Athlete and it's core principles in helping my child succeed in sports and life as well.

Desireé Lee

This our sons first complete year being part of supreme being. Not only have my husband and I seen the physical changes in our soon to be 14-year-old son but we have also seen the changes in him academically. He is prepared for school and has been putting forth great effort to maintain good grades and take his education seriously. We feel the tutoring hour before working out helps reinforce our philosophy at home which is, academics come before sports. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Supreme as our son prepares to play football at the high school level.

Mr. Walker

My child has benefited much from Supreme Athlete mentally and physically. He has become more logical, positive, and determined. Physically Jordan has become faster, stronger, and more explosive. Supreme has had a positive effect on my child and we have had a great experience. Garfield Walker

Ms. Reid

DeAndre seems to enjoy being a part of Supreme Athlete. He says it helps him with his work. He has gotten a bit more grounded and focused at school. I’d like for DeAndre to bring what he’s learned to other areas, such as home and school on a more consistent basis. I feel a bit out of the loop. I don’t know who DeAndre trains with on a regular basis. It would be nice to know what he should focus on training wise at home. I also have not actually spoken to his School Liaison yet. Sherelle

Mr. and Mrs. Henry

It has been a great. Supreme Athlete has helped Sesh maintain focus in school. We have seen improvement in his school work, and his motivation to be fit. Also, his confidence has grown. Supreme Athlete has given Sesh the drive to start working out independently. Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Mrs. Mingo

The program has made a huge impact on Levar's studies. He has been striving extra hard to make academic improvements. Levar is eager to do well and complete assignments/activities that he begins. As a parent, I am honored to have Levar apart of the program. At Supreme, education is key and I am a full supporter of Supremes’ mission. Genuinely, Mrs. Mingo

2016 Student-Athlete


stack man, thank you ! You have no idea why you mean to me! Through this short time I've known you, it out beats any long relationship any father can have with a child! My father biological father is in the grave, the man that sign my birth certificate is a drunk and supports me in no way, and my step father is on lock down! Since I was 8 years old I was so confused, thinking "will I ever see my dad, or any real consistent father figure of some sort ever again??? I been through so much stack you have no Idea!! It's much deeper than just a struggle stack! And everyday I speak to you I feel more and more of that connection! You really mean a lot to me man , and I brag about you everywhere I go dog! What you do , and the legacy you have built and is still building is definitely admirable and something I wouldn't trade for the world! I really love you DAD! Keep criticizing me, and pushing me and as you would say "the rewards are endless" and I'm going to continue to bust my ass each day at supreme! I fell in love with the place man! I would move my bed in there lol! Ya moms raised you not perfect, but worth it! And though idk her I thank her even more! See you Saturday BIG DOG! Lol

1st Quarter Student, 2015

"I started going to Supreme last year at the beginning of 11th grade. My body from then to now has made drastic improvements. In my opinion, Supreme is probably the best facility and group of individuals that will help you to succeed and improve your body to its fullest capability. They took me in with open arms and put me to work right away. In all my basketball career, I've never been challenged this much. It takes a lot of self-discipline and desire to do the training offered at Supreme. Some of the Experiences at Supreme I can remember; are us doing different events to give back to the community. What I remember the most was the huge feast for Thanksgiving, where we feed those who couldn't eat or didn't have a family to spend the holiday with. Also, I helped ref games at a basketball tournament for the younger ones at Weaver High School. Going to Supreme helped me become a better man physically and mentally. It gave me the tools to be better on the court and be successful in life. By the hard work and advice Stack has giving me every day, I truly appreciate Supreme and everything they have done for me."

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"My experience with Supreme Athletes has being very pleasant to say the least. The staff are very professional, helpful and intuitive to the needs of the kids they mentor. Supreme Athlete has made a difference in my son's life as reflected in his thinking and behavior. I am highly impressed by their philosophy. My only regret is not enrolling my son sooner. Am so thankful that this place exists for our young boys and girls to go and get strengthen in mind and body."

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"This program has provided a needed structured that re-enforces education and physical health education that was lacking in my child’s life. My son at times fights me to attend because he doesn’t want to do the exercise portion of the mentoring program but I stand my ground; I feel if the program was offered 3x a week for HS students it would be a better for the students they would have that needed support I would recommend MWF because you start the week with regaining focus and end the week for the weekend with reinforcement because as we all know teenagers have a short memory. I enjoy that my son gets to be around male role models that look like him and educated and are street smart and provide him with a dose of reality. As a single mother and the main disciplinary person in the home having my son attend the program is a plus. Thank you"

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"Good afternoon, first and foremost I would like to commend Supreme Athlete and Supreme Education for all of their efforts in our community. I feel their positive energy and passion for what they do from the time the program starts until the time it ends. Secondly, I would like to state that it's an absolute pleasure having my son enrolled in your program. DeShawn recently received his Quarterly Progress Report and he had a very good report. He started his fall basketball season and because of his rigorous fitness training in your program he is more advanced as an 11 year old than some of the students that are older. Grades and more importantly ACADEMICS...I truly feel your program has had a significant impact on his life. Thank you"

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"So far I have enjoyed the program offered by Supreme Athlete. I have noticed that my daughter has gained more confidence and is becoming more social. She is able to exercise both her mind and body. She is given allotted time to finish her homework and then she is able to work out in a peer group setting. It was a struggle for me to find a way to incorporate a proactive exercise regimen into her lifestyle that she would enjoy without feeling overwhelmed. At Supreme Athlete she is able to work out with her peers and not feel singled out and complete her schoolwork. I am thankful for the support and dedication that the staff and mentors offer."

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"I like that the staff/mentor communicate with my child teacher to ensure that he is doing what he needs to do to receive the best education possible. If there is anything that can help my child improve his school work they will be willing to help him. This is my son first time participating with the Supreme Athlete program and I must say that it’s a well worth program. The staff has worked closely with my child not only teaching him the proper way of becoming a better athletically but also installing the importance of education."

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for the work you do. Words of encouragement and support received has been helpful to keep Bradley motivated in school. Motivating him to change his eating habits and staying active is still a working progress but has gotten better. At first he wasn't thrilled about the idea when I enrolled him in the summer, but once he met the staff that changed. This fall has been different since he only attends twice a week. I wish the program would be available 3 to 4 days per week and that it would run from September -December. It would allow to reinforce the information being provided and keep the children focused. Thank you."


"My name is Quishema Jones and I currently have a daughter who attends Supreme Athlete along with some of her teammates from the Capital City Track Club. I really like that they make the parents leave during the sessions, because it helps the athletes to focus without the pressures of their parents. It's hard for an athlete to focus on what the Supreme Athlete staff is instructing them to do if the parent is also trying to give instructions. The staff at Supreme Athlete are very respectful and attentive to the needs of the athletes and they make sure to keep you informed of any problems or concerns. My daughter says that she feels comfortable at Supreme Athlete and that she feels like she is developing some skills and techniques that will help her in athletic career."


“So far Supreme Athlete have instilled morals and self-respect in Levar and I am honored that he is a part of such a great program. This program has such strong role models behind the mission. I would recommend Supreme to anyone who is looking for a positive experience for their child or children.”

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

“As a parent of one of the participants in Supreme Athlete, I have had a great experience. They have taught my son so much stuff and played a part in his growth and education. My son look up to the men in Supreme and takes his participation serious.”

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

"This is my son first time participating with the Supreme Athlete program and I must say that it’s a well worth program. The staff has worked closely with my child not only teaching him the proper way of becoming a better athlete but also installing the importance of education.”


“I was not sure what to expect the first time I signed my son up for this program because I believe that he needs to enjoy being there and working with individuals other than myself when it comes to his school work. I like that the staff/mentors communicate with my child teacher to ensure that he is doing what he needs to do to receive the best education possible. If there is anything that can help my child improve his school work they have been willing to help him.” - 1st Quarter Parent, 2015

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

“Supreme Athlete has provided my son with a great opportunity to learn sports and become academically successful at the same time. Being a single mother I have tried many different sports and activities with my son within the community. Having a younger child you search for a sport, program or activity where your child is able to interact with kids his/her age. I came across this program that brings the proper balance in my child’s life teaching him different sports with kids his age at the same time ensuring they are academically successful.”

1st Quarter Parent, 2015

“I wanted to thank you and your staff for the work you do. Words of encouragement and support received has been helpful to keep Bradley motivated in school. Motivating him to change his eating habits and staying active is still a working progress but has gotten better. At first he wasn't thrilled about the idea when I enrolled him in the summer, but once he met the staff that changed.”

1st Quarter Parent - 2015

"My son Trajahn began #Supreme when he was 12 after losing a playoff games with the Windsor Giants. He was devastated as football is the only sport he plays. While his friends went on to play basketball and run track, he set a goal to get his mind and body stronger for his final season as a Windsor Giant. Goal accomplished! Not only did he get stronger and faster, he also brought all of his grades up from C's to B's and became more disciplined in all areas. Now 13, he is using the life skills taught at home as well as at Supreme to help his team prepare on the road to the championship this season. Playoffs here we come!#Supremebeing #Footballislife"

Betsey J.

All I can say is AMAZING!! I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for the amazing transformation you all helped with my son. I am very Blessed to have been chosen to be Marcelius’s mother. He is a good young man, he’s responsible, intelligent, caring, dependable and loyal. However, he lacked self-confidence and drive. These last 6 weeks has helped Marcelius become more confident, he became the leader I’ve always known him to be but he needed permission to come out. Marcelius is stronger, faster, more determined and motivated to attain his goal to either attend UCLA or Oregon State. He is currently playing football for our town and his coaches have noticed the tremendous change in character and leadership ability. Marcelius is called to lead in stretches, to show other teammates proper form and the most incredible thing is that he is called to lead  when they do laps around the field. Last year he was last. He used to get winded and just quit. Thank you so much for giving my son the extra push he needed to dream. As his mother I can only say so much without him saying, “yeah your my mom”. To hear it from you all who say the same thing,  you’re a King, your good, your enough, you can go to UCLA, you can be best…WOW!! You all just awoke something inside of him that has truly transformed him. I can’t wait to see where his voyage takes him but I know I will need Supreme Being to continue to assist me in this journey. They say it takes a Village, Supreme is ours.

Mary Alexander

I would like to thank the entire Supreme Being team for showing so much dedication to the success of our young men. From the time Jordan started the program I noticed a positive change in his attitude. Jordan have slowly but surely transformed into a young man. Supreme has instilled so much strength, confidence and integrity in Jordan, there’s no way he can fail. I would like to express my appreciation to the mentors (Antwan and Stack), for continuously reaching out to him to ensure he maintain his grades in school and at the same time completes his college applications. Thank you all for taking the time to being Supreme Mentors for our youth. Your presence in our community is not only good for the youth; it is a good look for our neighborhood. I wish Supreme Being all the success in the future!

Sharika Forde

I am the mother of 4 boys and would highly recommend the Supreme Program to any parent. I enrolled my 16 year old son in the 3 month program and have witnessed a positive change in his development in such a short time. My son has always been respectful and has a great love for football, but before Supreme he faced some struggles in school. Regardless of my many conversations with him, nothing seemed to help. After Supreme, his focused has shifted and his grades are slowly improving. He has gained a better outlook on life and instead of thinking one day at a time, he is focused on the goals he set for the future. My only regret is not enrolling him in Supreme sooner. Thank You to Supreme, Stack and the Entire Staff for encouraging my son and building his confidence to make better life choices! Sharika Forde, parent of Jamari aka Box.


I want to extend a small token of appreciation I have for Supreme Being & the staff for all the hard & dedicated work you offer. My son has came aboard for 1st time this year & I would like to say it was the best decision I could have made to allow him to be apart of. He looks forward to attending every session because each time he obtains something different to help benefit him throughout his daily life. So I just want to say to Founder Stack & your staff thank you & I know as my son continue thru his future what he learns from you all he can one day implement his experience & share his story off to someone & let his example of leadership shine thru another. God Bless & I wish continued growth in Supreme Being.


The Supreme team is definitely doing great things. My son started Supreme Athletes about two and a half months ago, and I see tremendous growth in him. Very thankful that a program like Supreme Exist.

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