Supreme Athlete Mentoring

Supreme Athlete Mentoring Program

About Us

Supreme Athlete mission is to serve communities by reaching and teaching our youth through academics and athletics. Our work focuses on the academic, social, and athletic development of our youth.

We are committed to developing in our youth a positive self-image by providing them with an environment of mentors, tutors, and support staff who not only believe in our youth, but are also from the community and have successfully demonstrated the ability to excel at sports at the collegiate level while balancing family, education, and a social life.

We encourage our youth to embrace personal accountability to enable social responsibility in our society.  We invest in the mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and the overall well-being to develop stronger youth by reinforcing sound principles.

Our Programs Include:

Personal Development

Personal Growth & Development focuses on the overall well-being or life management of the student/athlete. Our staff will cover a wide range of essential elements to the evolution of the student/athlete.

Career Competency/Job Readiness Training

We partner with community based organizations to educate youth in Basic Skills, Customer Service, Computer Literacy, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Interpersonal Communications, Personal Qualities, and Job Seeking Skills.

Academic Development

Academic Development of our student/athletes is the life blood of our programming. Our staff are college grads and understand the importance of implementing effective strategies to mitigate the possibility of losing focus on the numerous tasks that school may present.

Athletic Development

Athletic Development is a holistic approach towards achieving the greatest impact of our student/athletes. Each athlete possess a base level skill-set. It isn’t until their Supreme ability is educed from within. Our staff have extensive knowledge in sports science and the overall maintenance of the body which is why we have decided to focus on the most crucial aspects of an athlete development.

Statement of Condition

Hartford is a young community. One in three residents is under 18. To succeed in the 21st century, Hartford’s young people must acquire the skills and knowledge needed to keep the city, state, and region competitive in an increasingly global environment. To pave their path to success, youth must be prepared to accept lifelong learning as both a challenge and an opportunity.

Why Sign Up?

Our operation runs year round to combat the many obstacles
our youth face during idle time.

If our youth have something to do productive, especially pertaining to helping them reach their academic and athletic goals, this would eliminate so many poor habits developed during idle time.Here’s your chance to change the course of your child’s life, by investing in him/her now. Join us, as we dedicate our life to rebuilding our community while properly guiding our children in the right direction through the use of sports and education.