Supreme Athlete: 2014 Charity Alumni Flag Football Tourney

Supreme Athlete: 2014 Charity Alumni Flag Football Tourney

Preparations for one of the most ‘hyped’ events of the summer were being made early in the morning by Stack Williams and Antwan Harris to ensure a ‘smooth operation’. For months Brandon “Biz” Williams and Corey “Big Lo” Johnson utilized their network of former student-athletes from New Britain, East Hartford, Windsor, Manchester, Bulkeley, Hartford High, Weaver, and Bloomfield High School to assimilate alumni that wanted to play in the 2nd Annual Alumni Flag Football Game.

This year the event would be hosted at War Hawk Stadium at Bloomfield High. The war hawks won the tournament last year at the Beaver Dam (Weaver High School) and the winning high school host’s the game next year. In addition, the high school that wins the tournament chooses a student-athlete to receive a scholarship from the Supreme Athlete Mentoring Program (SAMP). So as hosts for the tournament and last year’s winner Bloomfield high school’s athletic department chose Curtis Jackson as the 1st student-athlete to receive the scholarship. Curtis Jackson was chosen based off some of his accomplishments:

  • Won the Indoor Track & Field Emerging Elite National Championship in Shot Put.
  • All-Conference and All-State as apart of the Indoor and & Outdoor Track & Field.
  • Won Class ‘S’ Championship in Track and field EACH season with the exception of one in 4 years.

At the halfway point of the tournament member of SAMP Bizz would present Curtis Jackson a book scholarship that would cover expenses for books in college. This was a very proud moment for his parents as they watched their child be acknowledged. Bloomfield high School head football Coach Outlaw stated, “What you guys are doing is positive and we are thankful that one of our guys is receiving some additional aid as he heads off to college.” 

As for support from classmates, friends, family, and the community the parking lot was full and many people were still filing in as the event was coming to a close. There were alumni from various classes on hand to rep their school, in fact we had classes as old as 88’ on site to strut their stuff. Games kicked off around 11:00am and referees were busy blowing whistles, keeping track of downs, and scores. 

Two teams that were invited last year Hartford High and Windsor High appeared to be the strongest of all 8 teams invited. These two teams battled in the championship and in the end Windsor’s speed was too much for the owls of Hartford High. Quinn Fleeting and Dazahn Wilson or ‘D – Block’ were a combination that provided highlights each game! Windsor would go on to hoist the championship trophy and ‘D-Block’ would be named the tournaments MVP.

Stack Williams said, “The aim and intent for events of this caliber is for young people to receive funding for college as they did for the Doc Hurley basketball tournament. We also want to pay respect to those people that are not with us any longer. Asaph Schwapp (Weaver HS) Ira Lynch (HPHS) Jason Forknot (Windsor HS) Donald Harris III (Bloomfield HS) and many more!!! Collectively we look to provide opportunities for our babies and ultimately service our community.”