Our History

Stanley “Stack” Williams, CEO of Supreme Being Inc. had a vision of ‘saving the world’. As cliché as it may sound, he was destined to accomplish this one way or another. Stack is a proud product of Hartford, CT where he contributes his balanced personality evolving from. His experiences are what led him to the development of Supreme Being Inc. in 2012. Born to a single mother on welfare, Stack moved around the city often, finding refuge at friends, and family members home, until his mother was able to keep a steady job.

Man, me and my mother moved from Stowe Village Projects to Albany Avenue, which is equivalent to going from dirt to mud.

Stack Williams

Growing up in the North End of Hartford, CT was anything but peaceful and progressive. Stack has often stated, “Man, me and my mother moved from Stowe Village Projects to Albany Avenue, which is equivalent to going from dirt to mud.” Like the majority of youths growing up in Hartford, Stack got into mischief and became involved in gang activity during his early years. Suspensions from school would soon follow, and close encounters with the law were routine.

Sports seemed to come natural to Stack as he became interested in anything physical. Due to the financial hardship in which he lived under, his mother could only afford to sign him up for the free activities in the neighborhood. Immediately Stack became a well-known athlete among his friends, neighborhood, schools, and it would eventually lead him to play in college. Earning a BA in Sociology from the University of Connecticut followed by a MBA from the University of Phoenix (Marietta, Ga branch), Stack was finally formulating a vision for prosperity within self and his community.

Stack underwent a reformation within his character studying conscious and social movements from the past and present, taking inspiration from Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Dale Carnegie and so many other prominent figures of the past. Stack idea of ‘Saving the World’ started as a thought, but soon manifested itself into an actual non-profit company dedicated to the restoration and refinement of the community. Kicking off with Supreme Athlete Mentoring Program, followed by our Supreme Philanthropy. Supreme Being Inc. is currently working diligently to launch the Educational program within the coming months.