Through our philanthropic efforts, and our unique sports mentoring program, Supreme Being Inc. currently serves over 100 of the more than 34,000 children currently living below the poverty line in our community, which totals about 45% of the entire population in the city. These underprivileged youth live in the roughest neighborhoods and are confronted with negative influences like school violence, crime, drugs and gangs every day.

Unfortunately, the majority of these households are headed by an overworked, over-stressed and underpaid parent, grandparent or guardian unable to aid their children expand their horizons, realize their potential and enrich their futures. These mothers, fathers and others turn to Supreme Being Inc. and we turn to you for your support.

Our vision is to serve our community by reaching and teaching our youths through academics and athletics, while providing assistance for those who are destitute and lack the basic necessities in life. Your generous donations can help make our vision a reality.

As a donor, not only will you change a disadvantaged child’s life, you’ll have a lasting impact on every life that child comes in contact with now and in the future. When you donate to Supreme Being Inc. that’s how you’ll be remembered.

What your donations do

Supreme Athlete Mentoring Program

80% of the donations we receive go directly toward the mentoring program. So, when you make a contribution to Supreme Athlete Mentoring Program you will have a direct impact on the lives of underprivileged youth in our community. 20% goes to Volunteers Stipends.

How to Donate

(Paypal, by Mail, Cash – Receipts Provided)

By Mail

Please enclose your check or money order made payable Supreme Being Inc, to: Supreme Being Inc, P.O. BOX 271, Hartford, CT 06141. Thanks for your continued support!